Abby Celso And Brian Nhira “The Voice” Battle Video: Adam Levine Steals After “Sugar” Performance – WATCH!


Abby Celso and Brian Nhira had an amazing face-off during Monday’s “Battle Round” episode of “The Voice,” and it hit very close to home for Adam Levine. Check out the video below!

Pharrell actually assigned his two artists a song by another coach: Levine and Maroon 5’s “Sugar.” Perhaps even more interestingly, Pharrell and team adviser Diddy didn’t exactly see eye to eye during the mentoring session. But after a lot of trial and error, Celso and Nhira worked out a rendition that had Pharrell believing they were in a “dead heat.”

Levine spoke first after the performance, amusingly saying, “First of all, excellent song choice.” He had particular praise for Nhira, telling him, “The fact that you sang in your full voice, I’m impressed by that.” Blake Shelton was also impressed by the “full voice thing,” deeming it “incredible.” And Christina Aguilera, too, gave the edge to Nhira.

Pharrell went on to acknowledge, “No one can deny your ambition when performing. You definitely want this.” But he hinted to his decision when he then urged, “I need there to be a save. I need both of you guys to be on this show.” And then he named Celso the winner.

Levine almost immediately went for the steal, and Aguilera followed suit. The Maroon 5 front man told Nhira, “I thought you were really phenomenal. The charisma you perform with is infectious… You would be on a pedestal on my team.”

Aguilera tried to make the case that she’d be better to advise him. She further said, “I’m determined to break the girl [coach] curse and win this with somebody who deserves it. You’re so talented… There’s no reason you can’t take this all the way.”

While that actually seemed pretty convincing, Nhira exclaimed, “Adam, I want to be on your team. I pick Adam!” Levine was thrilled, calling it a “major game-changer” for his team, and Nhira was ecstatic to end up on Team Adam after performing a Maroon 5 song. Watch it all go down below!


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