Alisan Porter “The Voice” Audition Video: “Curly Sue” Star Turns Four Chairs!


Alisan Porter, the former child star of Curly Sue, stunned on the season 10 premiere of “The Voice” on Monday, turning all four chairs. Watch below!

Porter is best known for the 1991 movie Curly Sue, in which she played the adorable title character. In the years since, she’s turned her attention to music, struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction, gotten married and had two kids. Now more than five years after releasing her debut album and co-writing on Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment,” Porter is back to working on her music career.

For her “Voice” audition, she chose “Blue Bayou,” and once she really started to belt it, Adam Levine, Pharrell, and Blake Shelton hit their buttons almost simultaneously. Christina Aguilera soon followed suit. The try-out then culminated in not just a four-chair turn-around, but also a standing ovation from the entire panel.

Levine was particularly enthusiastic, applauding his way onto the stage and kissing Porter’s hand. Aguilera then went on stage, too, already calling the contestant her “team mate.” The bonding continued when Porter revealed she was on “Star Search” as a kid, just like the superstar.

When Porter finally revealed her big claim to fame, the coaches were taken aback. Levine even exclaimed, “Shut up. No way.” The former actress became emotional reflecting on her journey, noting, “The universe had a plan for me, because you guys turned for me today.” And of course, now they all wanted her on their team.

All of the pitches were strong, with Levine even saying, “That was the most beautiful, flawless, passionate, pitch-perfect thing I have ever heard in my life… You’re gonna win the ‘The Voice.’” But in the end, Porter was over by… Aguilera! Levine even told his fellow coach afterward, “You just won. Congratulations. A girl won ‘The Voice.’”

Could Aguilera really be the first female coach to go all the way? Check out the video below!

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