‘Bachelor In Paradise’ RECAP: Mackenzie And Justin Get “Married,” Virgin Ashley I. Begs For Jared Overnight


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had a couple of women joining the show at the last-minute, two contestants getting married, and Ashley I. taking steps to no longer be a virgin. Get the full recap here.

Monday’s episode began with Chelsie (from Chris Soules’ season) going on a yacht date with Nick. The two snorkeled and had fun, but he’s interested in the show’s villain, Samantha, and says he’s “not going to let Dan stand in my way.”

Then Mackenzie joined the show and interviewed a bunch of the guys before deciding on going on a date with Justin. And while Mackenzie seemed like she was a last-minute addition, in strolled Jaclyn (from Ben Flajnik’s season). Jaclyn basically said she didn’t care about who’s with whom, or as Juelia said, Jaclyn does “whatever she wants.”

For Mackenzie’s date, she and Justin went into the jungle, where they met a shaman who only spoke Spanish, while they only speak English. He had them strip down to their underwear for a ceremony that they didn’t understand. Part of it involved them rubbing mud on each other, and then washing it off each other. There was also fire and some kissing, and only afterwards did Mackenzie and Justin find out they were now “married.”

After they came back from their date, Mackenzie thought they were really married. Justin, of course, knew it was not legal, but said he needed someone to help him get a “divorce.”

Much to Ashley I.’s chagrin, Jaclyn tried to get her hooks into Jared. That prompted Ashley I. to do the unthinkable. The well-known virgin asked Chris Harrison for an overnight “Fantasy Suite” date, during which she planned to give herself to Jared.

Harrison gave her a date card, and Ashley I. asked Jared for an overnight date. Jared said, “Yes.” Ashley I. was definitely considering losing her virginity and having sex with him as the show ended. What did you think of Monday’s episode?

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