Barrett Baber “The Voice” Audition Video: Intense “Angel Eyes” Gets Four Chairs


Barrett Baber turned tragedy into emotional motivation on Monday’s season 9 premiere of “The Voice,” scoring a four-chair turn-around. Check out the video below!

A high school drama and speech teacher who survived a famous, fatal plane crash years ago, Baber explained he wanted to show that “you can overcome immense tragedy in your life and still do something great.” Through his blind audition, he wanted to prove that his “destiny” was “fulfilled.” He certainly got off on the right start when Adam Levine and Blake Shelton hit their buttons simultaneously just a few lyrics in, followed by Pharrell and Gwen Stefani.

Levine even stood up as Baber’s performance became more powerful, with screams and intense facial expressions. The contestant explained afterward that he wanted to “pioneer a new sound” of country with soul, leading Levine to note that he had qualities that would fit with any of the coaches. “I can tell by your vocal that you love all styles, and that’s why you’re one of my favorites,” said the Maroon 5 frontman.

Stefani then praised Baber’s theatrics, as well his voice. Meanwhile, Pharrell told the contestant, “I pressed my button because I just heard so much soul. I felt like, whatever this is, it deserves four chairs to turn around.” And Shelton noted, “The word I’m interested in is ‘country.’ That’s what I do with my life. And I think the combination of you and I blazing a path — the way that you perform on stage, we’ve never seen anything. I’m not kidding when I say it’s like watching Garth [Brooks] up there.”

Levine wasn’t willing to give up so easily, though, and told Baber, “I will destroy for you. I am on fire for you. I want you on my team so badly.” The enthusiasm was all for naught, though, as Baber wanted to work with “old red.” That’s right, he chose Team Blake. Check out the video below!

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