Brittany Kennell And Trey O’Dell “The Voice” Battle Video: Christina Aguilera Uses Final Steal – WATCH!


Brittany Kennell And Trey O’Dell’s face-off on “The Voice” on Tuesday led Christina Aguilera to use the last “Battle Round” steal of season 10. Watch below!

During her blind audition, coach Blake Shelton noted that Kennell’s voice reminded him of girlfriend Gwen Stefani. It was all the more fitting then that she was the guest advisor for the contestant’s duet with O’Dell. “My first reaction to seeing Gwen was just shock,” Kennell admitted, saying she aspires to be something “like her.”

Shelton opted to assign Kennell and O’Dell “The Chain” because “they come from different words musically, but Fleetwood Mac lands right in the middle.” He noted how much O’Dell had improved since his blind audition, while Kennell was coached on her emotions. “Whoever can connect with the song is gonna win this thing,” Shelton predicted.

Both gave the performance their all, and were praised by the panel. Christina Aguilera complimented O’Dell’s “falsetto,” and amusingly told Kennell, “There’s something Gwen Stefani about your vibrato… If Gwen Stefani and Christina had a baby, it would be you. A vocal baby.”

Pharrell acknowledged, “I don’t know what Blake is going to do, but that’s a compliment to both of you.” Shelton said his artists “both did incredible,” and went on to confess, “This is one of the tougher ones for me, so I’ll just have to go with my gut.”

He named Kennell the winner, and Aguilera stole O’Dell as soon as she could. “I totally love the energy, and I think you really deserve to stand on your own and have a second shot,” she told him. Aguilera further told the camera afterward, “Trey held his own really, really well… There’s nobody like Trey on my team, so I had to have him.”

Check out the full video below! Next week, the “Knockouts” begin with key adviser Miley Cyrus.

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