Colette Lush “American Idol” Audition Video: Singer Gives Judges Carrie Underwood Feeling — WATCH HERE!


Colette Lush was favorably compared to Carrie Underwood on Thursday’s “American Idol,” which was the very last audition episode for season 15. Check out the video below!

The loud-and-proud red-head first intrigued the judges with her energetic and quirky personality. Then, like several other standouts during the try-outs, she went to town on the Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You.” As she belted the track, Jennifer Lopez whispered to Keith Urban, “I feel like Carrie Underwood just walked in here.”

“Wow,” the superstar exclaimed when Lush finished. She and the rest of the panel marveled over how surprised they were by Lush’s voice and how they weren’t expecting a performance anything like that. The 19-year-old nanny quipped, “A lot comes out of here!”

An impressed Connick wondered aloud, “What do you say after that?” Lopez offered, “There’s just people who are really born to sing and don’t have to try. Like that’s easy for you.” The superstar blew Lush away by telling her, “I feel like Carrie Underwood walked in here, probably how they (the former judges) felt when she walked in. I’m serious! And I’ve never said that.”

“You really have potential to do well in this competition,” added Lopez. As for Keith Urban, he particularly liked that Lush didn’t “sound like anyone” else out there. “You’ve got a timeless quality,” he told her. Connick then asked, “Do you feel you could make it all the way to the finish line?”

When Lush answered “definitely,” he agreed, “I think so, too.” Watch below!

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