Dalton Rapattoni “Hopelessly Devoted To You” “American Idol” Video: Watch Hollywood Week Performance Here!


On Wednesday’s “American Idol,” Dalton Rapattoni put an unexpected spin on “Hopelessly Devoted To You.” Watch below!

Rapattoni, a Billy Joe Armstrong look-alike, has been something of wild card during season 15, putting rock twists on all of his performances. But it almost went really wrong during Hollywood Week. After initially struggling to secure a trio during the group round (the “scariest moment of the competition”), the contestant’s guitar wasn’t working when he took the stage for his solo performance. Thankfully, the technical difficulties didn’t last.

Rapattoni went on to stun with a punk rock take on the classic Grease ballad. The judges looked pleasantly surprised, but couldn’t give feedback, in accordance with the round’s rules. Still, Keith Urban could be heard saying, “I love his song choices.”

For his part, Rapattoni admitted afterward that he couldn’t remember anything after the guitar malfunction. “It was all super fast,” he said, seeming dazed. It made his earlier comments ring all the more true: “Hollywood Week has been a slap in the face and a really big wake up. But if you’re comfortable, you’re not making progress. And boy have I been uncomfortable.”

At the end of the episode, Rapattoni found out he was one of 51 contestants to survive Hollywood Week. On Thursday, he’ll hope to make the Top 24. Check out the video below beginning at the 2:55-mark!

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