Drew Lynch “America’s Got Talent” Video: Stuttering Comedian Gets TWO Standing Ovations In Semifinals — WATCH!


The “America’s Got Talent” season 10 semifinals began on Tuesday, and Drew Lynch once again proved to be a favorite among the judges. Watch the video below!

The stuttering comedian, who was Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer choice on the season premiere earlier this year, said that going from the quarterfinals to now the semifinals was like a “golden buzzer from America.” But while there’s no Golden Buzzer still at play, he received the next closest thing this time when Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum gave him not one, but two standing ovations. And it was after an act that once again used Lynch’s stutter to hilarious effect.

Lynch explained, “I realized that when I talk on the phone it sounds like bad reception,” and admitted, “My voice is so high that they think that I’m a woman.” He went on to recount a phone call with a bill collector that was, uh, challenged to say the least, but on both sides. As Lynch tried to explain that he was attempting to pay an overdue bill AND get the operator to stop getting to call “him ma’am,” he ultimately (and hysterically) yelled in frustration, “I’m two weeks late and I’m not a woman!”

As Lynch did a mic drop, Mandel and Klum rose to their feet. “You are my guy, Drew. You make me so proud,” Mandel said. And, referring to the contestant saying in his pre-performance package that people like him because he shows his “vulnerabilities,” the judge disagreed, saying, “People like you because you show your strength. You show how you can overcome. You are so funny. Everybody in this room loves you. Everybody in America loves you.”

Klum gushed that she’s a “really huge fan of yours,” and declared, “I think you have a true chance at becoming a great comedian.” Howard Stern said, “Drew, we all root for you, what you represent and what you do is so fabulous. We’ve really enjoyed watching you week after week.”

And Mel B told Lynch, “You have so many things going for you — you’re likeable, you’re funny, you’re entertaining. And I sit here thinking, damn, I just wish they would give you more time… I just want to hear more jokes!” At the end, Lynch said how the feedback he gets makes the experience so validating, leading Mandel and Klum to stand and applaud him once more.

Only five acts from the 11 competing on Tuesday can move on to the finals. Check out the video below, and tell us if Lynch will get your vote!

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