“Empire” Recap: “Be True”


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Andre tried to lose his sins, Hakeem nearly lost his new artist, and Jamal seemed to lose his new relationship, all as Cookie and Lucious’ war continued. Here are the most important things to know about “Be True,” the fifth episode of season 2.

1. Lucious celebrated at Empire Entertainment after the case against him was officially dropped, and posted a video proclaiming his innocence and telling haters to kiss his ass. At a funeral home, neither Lucious nor Cookie wanted Vernon’s ashes. She demanded to know if he killed Vernon, which he denied. He also denied trying to sabotage Lyon Dynasty via a new threat. Lucious later worked with Freda, Frank’s daughter, and used their contentious relationship to motivate her in the recording studio.

2. Andre was welcomed back to Empire and made the president of the sub-label Gutter. He was clearly uncomfortable, though, at Lucious’ celebratory bash, which was filled with alcohol and exotic dancers. Andre sought counsel from his reverend afterward, who suggested Lucious was testing him. Andre asked for a baptism, but was told he’d first have to confess all his sins to his family. Rhonda wasn’t thrilled with the idea, and further turned off when he didn’t want to have sex because he’s “doing things different now.” Andre was dismayed to see attorney Thirsty was hired as the new “Vernon,” and refused the request that he steal info on Lyon Dynasty’s music, saying he would never hurt his mother. Andre later offered apologies to Hakeem and Jamal, revealing he staged the robbery last season, and saying he wanted the family to be “whole” again. He and Lucious later argued over his faith. Andre went on to confess his suicide attempt, and Lucious told him he needs to “man the hell up.”

3. Hakeem brought Laura in as the new lead singer for his girl group, believing she had a “million-dollar voice,” but was still disturbed over Vernon’s death, now supposedly a suicide. Laura later stormed out when Hakeem tried to kiss her, insisting she wasn’t that “kind of girl.” Hakeem apologized to her, and they agreed to keep working together on the condition he would never put her in that position again.

4. Jamal recorded a new song with Lucious producing and Ne-Yo offering advice. Lucious suggested they collaborate, and they planned to do some joint shows on Jamal’s upcoming tour. After Michael interrupted, Lucious called it a “mistake” to have his boyfriend on tour, because he needed to be “focused” and in “seduction mode.” The creepy artist dude told Jamal that he agreed with Lucious’ take, and said he shouldn’t be tied down. Drunk later on, the photog tried to go down on Jamal, with Michael walking in right after he stopped it. Just as Jamal was going to take his father’s advice, Ne-Yo said that Michael should go on tour. When he was about to break the news, though, he found Michael receiving oral sex from the artist.

5. Cookie was upset after Tiana was mugged by outside Lyon Dynasty’s office. The attackers then posted a video in an extortion attempt. Cookie hired a new promoter named Laz, who was undeterred by the threat. They were later meeting together when two men broke in, leading Cookie to pull a gun. The guys were there on Thirsty’s orders to steal her masters, but she let them go without calling the cops.

Most importantly: Andre was touched when Cookie came to his baptism, and when he tried to confess he’s done “horrible things,” she said she has, too, but they’re “good people.” Jamal also showed up, despite concerns over how the church would view him, as did Hakeem. Jamal and Cookie traded fake pleasantries and subtle digs, before joking the place would catch fire if the “devil” Lucious showed up. He arrived right after, which pleased Andre and concerned everyone else. Sitting in the pews, Cookie confronted him over spying, and Lucious vowed to “never quit” fighting her.

When Andre was dunked for his baptism, Lucious had a flashback to his bipolar mother forcibly putting him underwater in the bathtub repeatedly when he was a child. The memory led him to walk out, crushing Andre. Hakeem was obviously jealous when Jamal and Cookie began holding hands, and went for a run afterwards… during which he was kidnapped. The promo for next week shows Lucious and Cookie teaming up when they find out Hakeem is being held hostage. TELL US: What do you think of tonight’s episode?

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