“Empire” Recap: “Fires Of Heaven”


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” a fresh-from-prison Lucious returned as the head of Empire Entertainment while Cookie and Lyon Dynasty schemed against him. Here are the most important things to know about “Fires Of Heaven,” the third episode of season 2.

1. The episode began with Lucious leaving court freed on bail, but he was barred from stepping into the Empire offices. Instead he addressed fans outside, declaring it a new “era” for Empire, as prosecutor Roxanne watched from afar. Lucious organized a family dinner as one last chance to be “merry” before the two sides go to “war,” but said all would be “forgiven” if Cookie didn’t move forward with Lyon Dynasty. She rejected his “one last chance,” leading Lucious to try to get Anika back in his corner.

2. Cookie was surprised when Anika came to her groveling and revealing Lucious wanted her to help him get revenge. Anika said it was “very important” to her to “hurt” Lucious, and suggested they team up against him. Just hours later they managed to take over Lucious’ comeback party, where Pitbull and Jamal were performing. Hakeem took the stage on behalf of Lyon Dynasty, performing a new rap with Timbaland about topping Empire. The move gave Lyon Dynasty huge publicity and credibility.

3. Hakeem was called out by Cookie for being unprofessional by sleeping with Valentina, before he made a promo appearance with Sway Calloway. During a call-in, Lucious slammed his son for leaking his album, but Hakeem vowed to “run circles” around his father with Lyon Dynasty and his girl group, Ménage a Trois. He and Cookie butted heads a bit during the trio’s recording session, but they hoped to have a “gold mine.” That proved in danger when Valentina and the two other girls began feuding with each other and struggled through a choreography session, but Cookie was determined to whip them into shape.

4. Andre tried to get back in Lucious’ good graces by promising a radio station deal, but his father still refused to allow him to come back to Empire. Lucious said his son would instead need to bring something so “unique” and “incredible” that he couldn’t get through anyone else. Andre later rejected Cooke’s offer to return to Lyon Dynasty, but revealed to his mom that he and Rhonda are expecting a baby boy. She suggested that he use his impending arrival to sway Lucious’ affections, since he’s all about “legacy,” and Andre reluctantly took the advice. Lucious questioned whether Andre would pass on his bipolar disorder, leading to a flashback to his own mom’s mental health issues, and then embraced his son to celebrate the new “heir”… before calling him out on using the child to get back in with Empire. “There’s more at stake then just me,” Andre cried to his father as he was kicked out.

5. Jamal met with Young Ma, Frank’s rapper daughter, at Lucious’ insistence, but the teen and her entourage of thugs walked out. Jamal felt slighted that his father thought Ma was “everything,” and Lucious got pissed that he “let her go.” They had words about whether Lucious chose the right son to take over, and resentments simmered. Later, Lucious went to Ma’s street rap battle, where gun shots rang out. Lucious begged Ma to not follow in her late father’s footsteps, promising he could help her. She ran off, and Lucious narrowly avoided the police, only to instead come face to face with Roxanne, who warned she would “dig” and that a “murder rap was only the beginning.” Meanwhile, Becky encouraged Jamal to reconcile with Cookie since he was having issues with Lucious.

In the show’s final minutes, though, just as Jamal was heading into the Lyon Dynasty office, Lucious stopped him. Jamal explained that he wanted a truce and needed a “Cookie” to bring music out of him. Lucious said his son really needed a “god” as a producer… himself. Afterward, Lucious crashed Cookie and Hakeem’s radio debut for Ménage a Trois, revealing he now owns the radio station… and signed Valentina as a solo artist. “Without radio, your little label dries up and dies, so rest in peace,” he told Cookie, to which she replied, “You keep forgetting, you can’t keep Cookie down.” The show ended with Hakeem rejecting his father’s hand, leaving Lucious laughing.

The promo for next week showed Empire Entertainment getting raided by the FBI and Cookie getting arrested. TELL US: What do you think of tonight’s “Empire”?

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