“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Hi, I’m Philip”


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise’s case finally comes to an end, as she correctly identifies the DNA left at the crime scene. Here are the most important things to know about “Hi, I’m Phillip,” the eighth episode of season 2.

The episode begins with Conor, Laurel, Micheala, and Frank leaving the cafe, where they planned to meet suspected killer Philip during last week’s episode. As the group argues, Conor says he needs to go to Oliver’s house to check in on him.

Back at Annalise’s house, Nate drunkenly threatens her, saying he should kill her for everything she’s done to him. Annalise insists that he can always come to her for anything but lets him know she won’t sleep with him to make him feel better.

When Conor shows up at Oliver’s apartment, he finds the door ajar, his groceries on the floor, and Oliver nowhere to be found. Conor goes to Annalise’s house, and tells her he thinks Oliver’s been kidnapped or worse, murdered.

Annalise calls Frank, Laurel, and Michaela over to her house and they argue over whether or not they should notify the police before Annalise decides that Nate should call the police. But before Nate is able to notify anyone, Oliver walks through the door with Philip.

Conor tells the group that Philip showed up to his apartment and suggested they get something to eat. Conor then relates he tried to explain to Philip why he hacked his computer, but thought it would be best if he heard it directly from the source.

Philip insists he’s not who they think he is. As evidence, he reveals that even though he’s never met them, he knows who his birth parents are, and has no connection to Catherine and Caleb. Philip confesses that while he knows he’s “weird,” he would never be able to kill someone.

Annalise tells Philip to blame her for what has happened, and Philip says he already does. He then lets her know he is planning to turn her into the cops or find someone to sue her for stalking and hacking into his computer. Annalise pleads with him to let her make him a deal, anything he wants. Philip considers it, but says he doesn’t know what he wants yet.

As soon as Philip leaves, the group tries to collect a sample of Philip’s DNA to test to make sure he is who he says he is. Oliver then gives them a straw Philip drank from when they went out to eat.

Then, Annalise tells Laurel she needs her to be her new Bonnie, noting the real Bonnie is out sick. Meanwhile, Frank tries to bribe a lab technician to rush the results of Philip’s DNA sample. At the same time, Nate is following Philip as he goes about his day.

Annalise calls Bonnie, but she won’t answer. She tells Bonnie she’ll give her space if that’s what she wants, but that she’s waiting for her whenever she’s ready to come back.

After avoiding her clients for days, Annalise has to tell Caleb and Catherine what happened with Philip. The brother and sister are furious, even though Annalise insists they’re still looking into the case. Laurel then gets a phone call from the prosecutor, Sinclair, who offers Catherine and Caleb a plea deal.

Sinclair offers them each 15 years, saying it’s a “great deal,” but they only have until 5 p.m. to make a decision. Annalise tells her clients this is a good sign, indicating the prosecutor is scared of losing the case. Caleb says he wants to think about it, but Catherine won’t consider.

Asher complained to Annalise that he’s still on the outs with Bonnie and wants to know if she’s heard anything, but she tells him to focus on the case. Catherine then asks to see Wes because he’s the only one she trusts, and wants his advice about whether or not to take the plea deal. Wes tells her that if it were him, he would take it. At the same time, Michaela tries to convince Caleb not to take the plea deal, and that he should trust Annalise to find a way to set him free.

Back at the house, Annalise asks Wes why he would tell Catherine to take the plea, and he admits he still feels guilty for not confessing to killing Sam. Annalise assures Wes he was just protecting Rebecca, and insists no one should go to jail for that.

While at the lab with Frank, Asher realizes that Sinclair had Annalise’s house tapped, and has been listening to all of their conversations about the case. Annalise instructs her students to look for the bug, while pretending to look through all of the files Sinclair has sent over, so that she thinks they are at their wit’s end.

Catherine frantically calls Annalise to tell her that Caleb’s accepted the plea deal, a total of 30 years so that Catherine won’t have to serve any time. Annalise tries to talk him out of accepting the deal, but Caleb refuses.

Just when everyone thinks Asher made up the story about being the house being bugged, he finds a bugged pen. Annalise then tells a fake story directly into the microphone, misleading Sinclair to look in Caleb and Catherine’s house for the murder weapon. Sinclair gets a search warrant, but realizes she’s been duped.

Meanwhile at the police station, Nate sees Philip giving a statement and notifies Annalise. Nate tells her he’ll “fix this.” When Annalise asks how he’ll fix it, he says she doesn’t need to know. Nate alters the database to make it appear that Philip has complained of stalking and hacking in the past, leaving the officers to believe he’s lying.

Caleb calls Michaela to tell her that Catherine has made a new plea deal, agreeing to serve 10 years so that Caleb won’t have to at all. Despite trying to talk her out of it, Catherine says she won’t change her mind, and insists she’s taking the deal.

The group scrambles to come up with a plan to get the plea deal thrown out, as Annalise tries to stall, but the students aren’t able to figure out a plan. Just as Catherine is about to accept the plea deal, Frank walks into the court with the DNA results. The test results cause Catherine to change her mind.

Annalise tells Sinclair that Philip is a DNA match. Not only that, he’s the product of incest, most likely the son of the murdered brother and sister.

Nate tells Annalise the police are going to begin investigating Philip first thing in the morning. Michaela and Caleb finally sleep with each other, but they aren’t able to enjoy the moment for long before Caleb shows her a hidden gun and asks, “What if she did kill them?”

After receiving a portrait from Catherine as a gift, Wes remembers seeing a similar portrait and rushes to Annalise’s house to confirm his suspicions. Once there, he finds the picture of Philip in his apartment, and points out a portrait clearly painted by Catherine behind him. Just then, Philip gets into the car with Catherine, and tells her not to worry.

The promo for next week’s mid-season finale promises to finally reveal the answer to the season-long question, “Who shot Annalise? TELL US: What did you think of Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder”?

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