“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “It’s A Trap”


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Wes investigated his mother’s death, while Annalise and the group tried to stay one step ahead of Philip. Here are the most important things to know about “It’s A Trap,” the 12th episode of season two.

The show began with Wes going through the file that Annalise left him, and then a flashback to 10 years prior that showed Annalise coaching a defendant, Charles Mahoney, and getting Rose, then a cleaning lady, to agree to testify for his alibi. Back in the present, Connor wanted Annalise’s help after being emailed a video showing them that fateful night, but she was still angry with him and the others for walking out on her. He apologized and begged her to fix this for them.

At the same time, Frank was telling Laurel that he killed Lila, and she freaked out. She realized he did it for Annalise and had Sam framed. They were interrupted by Bonnie calling them about the footage, but while he went to join the others at Annalise’s, Laurel didn’t show. Instead, she went to see Wes, and they both accused the other of “acting weird.” Together, they started looking into the file Annalise left, and took a trip to Ohio to do a full-on investigation.

In another flashback, Annalise and Frank went to Ohio to work on Charles’ case for a month, and they prepped Rose to be a witness. She was nervous her immigration status would be exposed, risking the life of her son, Christophe. Annalise said Rose could testify anonymously from a separate room, even though there would still be a risk of deportation. Charles was accused of murdering his fiancee, who was going to expose fraud in his parents’ company, with Rose presumably able to give his actual whereabouts at the time of the killing. Looking at court records, though, Wes and Laurel learned that the mysterious unidentified witness didn’t show when she was called to testify. Wes concluded his mother was killed for not testifying, but it was made to look like a suicide, and that a guilt-ridden Annalise’s involvement is why he got into law school, onto her team, and under her protection.

Connor received another email, which they still believed was sent by from Philip, demanding $1 million to be deposited into a bank account, or the recordings were be handed over to the police. Bonnie told Asher, who was ready to confess to Sinclair’s murder, that they weren’t at the freaking-out point yet, while Frank, unable to reach Laruel who was avoiding his calls, claimed she was sick with the flu. Meanwhile, Annalise came up with the plan to get at least some of the money they needed from Caleb.

She and Michaela went to him and promised they would help Catherine’s case, but needed a $250,000 retainer. They were convinced she knew Philip’s whereabouts, but when Caleb spoke to her in jail, she slammed him for not having her “back,” and wouldn’t straight-out answer whether she killed their parents. Annalise was dejected when Caleb got nothing, and Bonnie said they could give it all up, go to jail, and “let it burn.” But, she wondered, “would it really feel different than this?”

When Annalise sent everyone home, Michaela went back to Caleb’s and they hooked up. Asher was still fixated on coming clean, saying he could cop to manslaughter, and Bonnie told him she couldn’t be “that person,” his lawyer and/or girlfriend, that he clearly wanted by his side through this. Connor told Oliver that he was applying to transfer to Stanford, and wanted him to come with, blaming it on “serial killer” Philip knowing where they currently live.

Meanwhile, Annalise made dinner for Nate, and he accused her of being up to something. She flipped out, and in turn accused him of wanting to make her “pay.” He insisted he has forgiven her, and that telling the “truth” wouldn’t help any of them. Still in Ohio, Wes asked Laurel what was going on with her and Frank, and she said, “He’s my father basically… I fell for my father.” She described her dad as “not a good person,” even worse than all of them, and while she wanted to get away from him, she ended up falling in love with a guy just like him. “What does that make me?” she cried. Wes comforted her, and they ended up making out before abruptly stopping.

In another flashback, Annalise confronted Rose, and accused her of not truly being able to back up Charles’ alibi. But she warned her that if she didn’t testify as promised, she didn’t know what his family would do. Back in the present day, Wes and Laurel got the medical files on his mom’s death, but all he remembered was “finding her.” The cause of death was said to be suicide, a self-inflicted wound to the neck that led to massive blood loss, an explanation signed off by multiple officials.

The next morning, Annalise showed Nate the footage they were sent, and he told her not to negotiate but wait Philip out until he surrenders. She later told the group that there was no timestamp on the video, so they could say it was filmed another night. With the clock ticking down, she argued for calling Philip’s bluff. But the deadline came and went, Connor received a new video showing Annalise and Nate the night before, indicating Philip was closer than any of them knew.

Laurel then suddenly walked in, demanding to talk to Annalise alone. She had secretly taken a page from the files showing Rose’s “12-year-old son” listed as a potential homicide suspect. She asked, “Is it true? Did Wes kill his mother?” The episode ended with a flashback to Christope holding a knife and standing over his mother as she bled out.

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