JoJo Fletcher ‘Bachelorette’ Premiere Recap: Who Got Roses, Who Got Sent Home


The Bachelorette” Season 12 premiered on Monday with JoJo Fletcher searching for love and meeting the 26 men vying for her heart. Fletcher, who was blindsided and left heartbroken last season by “Bachelor” Ben Higgins, returned to the reality franchise hoping to find the love of her life. See who got roses and see who got sent home during the premiere of “The Bachelorette.”

This season’s premiere began with a recap of how Higgins told Fletcher he loved her, and then unceremoniously dumped her at the very last minute. After that, Fletcher met with past Bachlorettes, who offered advice about how to handle certain situations. Naturally, for added drama, Fletcher said, “I hope that I find somebody but I’m scared I may not.”

After that we meet eight different guys in video packages. There was Grant, a 28-year-old San Francisco firefighter, who hopes Fletcher “lights my fire.” After him was Jordan, who’s pro football quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ younger brother. Jordan notes that he was so focused on football, he dropped the ball on love. Like his big brother, he played pro football and hopes the “Bachelorette” is his “number 1 draft pick.”

We also meet Alex, who said he had no direction until he joined the Marines. We see his married, twin brother who’s also a Marine. Alex says he wants a life like his brother. Next is James S., who admits he’s a huge fan of the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette.” We see him practicing accepting a rose in the mirror. Then there’s Evan, who runs men’s erectile dysfunction and low testosterone clinics in Nashville. He says it’s a “hard business” and he’s so “excited” to meet JoJo.

After him was Ali from Iran. He now lives in Santa Monica and likes surfing and skateboarding with his dog. There’s also Christian, who says he’s the “most motivated guy you’ll ever meet.” A telecom communications consultant, he notes he’s biracial, but has a racist family. And finally there’s Luke, who calls himself “100 percent a country boy.” We see Luke on a ranch and then in his small town. Luke served in Afghanistan, and talks about losing a number of close friends. We even see him put American flags on a grave.

After Chris Harrison welcomes JoJo back to the mansion, she meets the men, a number of them are real characters. First out of the limo is Jordan, who Fletcher says is “hot.” Grant the firefighter says, “I’m not gonna do to you what Ben did to you last season,” adding, “I’m not gonna fall in love with two girls.” We also meet Derek, a commercial banker from Florida, and James F., who notes he “didn’t come for a rose. I came here for a relationship.”

A guy named Robby brought a bottle of wine, and he and the Bachelorette drank a little right there in the driveway. Alex the Marine came out of the limo and told her he was nervous. And then there was Will, who showed up with little cue cards and read stupidity off of them to her.

There was also Oklahoma realtor Chad, and then Daniel from Canada, who told Fletcher he came to the U.S for “better things.” Ali next told the Bachelorette, “You are breathtaking… I am awestruck.” And them was a guy named James Taylor, who came out with a guitar and serenaded her.

But that was hardly the craziest part. Jon came out in a kilt. He told Fletcher he was half-Chinese and he’s half-Scottish, but “luckily half-Scottish below the waist.” That was followed by Nick B., who showed in a Santa costume and said he’s “St. Nick.” He even brought the Bachelorette a gift.

Chase from Colorado got out of the limo wearing goofy glasses and a fake mustache. He then spewed a series of puns including, “I mustache you a question… but I’ll shave it for later.” We also see clean-cut Jake, an architecture Chicago, and Sal, who pulled out blue stress balls and told Fletcher if she felt pressure, “I give you permission to squeeze my balls.”

Brandon introduced himself to Fletcher by telling her he’s never seen her on TV, and “I know nothing about you.” On the other side of the spectrum was superfan James S. and then Nick S., who did a little dance with her. We also meet Vinny, who brought a piece of toast to “make a toast” to the Bachelorette. And Peter from Chicago brought a heart-shaped pillow.

Wells, a deejay from Nashville, however, made quite an impression when he showed up with the R&B group “All For One,” who sang their hit “I Swear” to Fletcher. Christian then sped in on a motorcycle, and Fletcher liked that. But then Luke rode in on a horse with a unicorn on it. As you’ll recall, Fletcher wore a unicorn head when she made her entrance for Higgins’ season. Luke tells Fletcher, “I believe unicorns are real.”

Finally, the cocktail party began, and Alex the Marine was the first to pull her aside. She even sat on his back as he did pushups. Will from New Jersey then gave Fletcher a kiss that she called “awkward” and said she “wasn’t ready for.” But she was definitely ready to kiss Jordan after the two talked for a bit.

Naturally, some of the guys started drinking heavily. Nick S. brought her a drink and started talking nonsense. Vinny drunkenly slurred, “I’d never let you beg for my love on a bathroom floor.” And Daniel from Canada was so hammered, he stripped down to tiny underwear and jumped in the pool.

Fletcher could then be seen enjoying Ali playing the piano. After that, she connected with unicorn-riding Luke, who gave her a pair of cowboy boots. That was followed by the Bachelorette giving out the first impression rose. It went to Jordan, with whom she made out.

It was seemingly time for the rose ceremony, but as Fletcher was about to hand them out, Jake Pavelka walked in and gave her a hug. And while it seemed that Pavelka may profess his love for her, what we learn is that they’re good friends and he wanted to wish her the best, as well as offer her advice.

Finally, there was the rose ceremony. Interestingly, not all the drunk guys were kicked off the first show. The six guys eliminated during “The Bachelorette” premiere were Jon the kilt-wearer, Sal with the blue balls guy, Peter the heart-shaped pillow giver, Jake the architect, Chicago real estate consultant Colin, and drunk Nick S.

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