Owen Danoff “The Voice” Audition Video: Folk Singer Turns All Four Chairs


Owen Danoff turned all four chairs on Tuesday’s “The Voice.” Check out the video below!

Danoff’s segment on the NBC music competition began with host Carson Daly actually visiting him in Greenwich, New York and touring famous music venues. The aspiring star revealed his Grammy-winning father had a number one song with “Afternoon Delight,” and now he sought to follow in his footsteps, with the help of “The Voice.” For his blind audition, Danoff opted to sing “Don’t Think Twice” by one of his “songwriting idols,” Bob Dylan.

As he crooned and played guitar, Adam Levine, Pharrell and Christina Aguilera all hit their buttons simultaneously. Blake Shelton eventually made it a sweep, and Danoff couldn’t help but smile in shock as he finished his performance. Backstage, his father wiped away tears.

Next, of course, came the wooing. Levine told the 25-year-old, “Seeing you play after was even better than listening with my back turned. You, Owen, have a very strong identity, very heartbreaking and crushing and sensitive. That is a very difficult combination of things to exist in one person.”

Aguilera conceded that Levine had more experience with guitar-playing performers, but argued she related to what Danoff was saying. “Music is music, no matter what genre it is. You feel it with your heart, and it speaks to the world. I’d love to be a part of making that happen with you,” she told him.

Shelton next pointed out that he never seems to get the “folk singers,” even though he finds it “closest” to what he does as a “lyric-driven” country artist. “I know it’s a long shot, just thinking about it,” he urged Danoff.

Before Pharrell had a turn, Levine made another impassioned plea, and it worked. Danoff chose the Maroon 5 front man to be his coach! Watch the full video below!

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