‘Power Rangers’ Backlash: Fans React To Reboot’s New Suits

(Paramount Pictures)

The Power Rangers are getting a makeover in the upcoming film reboot of the popular 90s series. The first photo of the cast decked out in their suits has just been released, but many fans are slamming the new look that replaces the original’s spandex costumes with metallic armor. See some of the negative reactions and fan backlash below.

One Twitter user expressed, “Who the hell changed the power rangers suits design… you are fired! #ChildhoodRuined.” Meanwhile, another person wrote, “Ugh, those new Power Rangers outfits are terrible,” and another said, “These look like trash.”

Referencing the news from earlier this week that Space Jam 2 was officially being re-made, another fan argued, “Space Jam was not good. Power Rangers were not good. Studios are taking advantage of your nostalgia.” Another person similarly said, “If the original was stupid, the remake will most likely be stupid too…. I’m looking at you Space Jam and Power Rangers.” And noting yet another upcoming follow-up to an old property, one person predicted, “The power rangers reboot movie will be worse than the ghostbusters reboot.”

Quite a few people couldn’t help but point out the visual similarities between the new Power Rangers and Iron Man. “Coming in 2017, Power Rangers: Iron Man’s Cheap Looking Children,” one user joked.” Another added, “WTF at the new Power Rangers costumes…they look like Iron Man knockoffs.” And another fan similarly said, “So unless Marvel got the rights to Power Rangers, who the hell are these people?”

Meanwhile, many fans took umbrage with the Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger, the two females on the team, having an additional feature to their suits not shared by the men. “Did they really have to put heels on the new female power rangers? So stupid,” one Twitter user wrote. Another similarly expressed, “My ‘favorite’ part of these hideous suits is that they have the girl Rangers in heels.” Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.

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