“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Did You Miss Me?”


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars continued to be tormented, and decided to take their biggest risk yet. Here are the most important things to know about “Did You Miss Me,” the 19th episode of season 6.

The show began by picking up where last week’s installment ended, with Mona admitting to Emily that she did call Charlotte to meet her at the restaurant the night of her murder, but she claimed Charlotte never showed. Emily was convinced that Mona just wanted Charlotte released so she could get revenge, and when Aria heard, she was eager to tell Detective Tanner and clear her own name. But Spencer felt that they still needed Mona on her their side for now, though Hanna was convinced of her former friend’s innocence.

At a bed and breakfast on her honeymoon with Elliott, Alison fell down the stairs and was knocked out. She was forced to stay in a local hospital due to a concussion, and she questioned if her happiness caused the accident. “Maybe every good thing has to be paid for by a bad thing,” she wondered. The Liars didn’t think it was too coincidental that she was hospitalized so soon after Aria’s burn, and after the “accident” with Emily’s eggs.

Hanna blew off a visit to New York to be with Jordan, and bonded with Lucas at his loft. He apologized for the malfunction that cause the fire, and seemed to have renewed affection for Rosewood. Hanna went to visit Ali in the hospital an hour away, and was worried about her pal coming back to town solo as Elliott would be going to a conference in Chicago. Among the get-well flowers for Ali, Hanna found a card that showed all the Liars as cartoon faces with Ali, Emily, and Aria crossed off (see photo above).

Emily spied Mona meeting with the guy who had helped Sara at Charlotte’s funeral, leading her and Spencer to follow the guy when he left City Hall. Suspicious of a tube he was carrying, the two staged a fender bender so Emily could distract him as Spence looked in the can, in which she saw Radley blueprints and a hotel room key. Em continued to track him, and saw Sara drive by, despite her supposed hand issues. Spencer concluded she was back to staying at the Radley, but under a false name, and managed to get the same building records from City Hall.

Hanna took the card to Caleb, telling him that whoever is tormenting them, is going to keep “chipping away” before Election Day comes. She was convinced they had to call the “creep’s” bluff and give up the “killer,” just as the mysterious person (or at least one of the two) wanted. So when Spencer returned home, a tearful Hanna confessed to finding Charlotte in church that fateful night and stabbing her in the neck with the end of a candle stick, before throwing her off the bell tower. “I murdered Charlotte,” she cried, and Spencer fell for it at first, convincing Hanna that this Uber A would buy the story.

Emily was skeptical of the plan, and Spencer clearly uncomfortable at the thought of her boyfriend and his ex teaming up, particularly when Hanna grabbed Caleb’s hand. Spencer flashed back to her time with Caleb in Europe, and it was clear they first connected all those years prior. Back at the loft after Caleb dropped her off, Lucas showed Hanna the empty factory by the lake that he planned to buy, and he essentially offered it to her as a place to start her own design business. “I finally figured out a way to give you something nobody else can,” he told her. Hanna said she couldn’t accept but Lucas urged her to discuss the idea with Jordan.

Meanwhile, Aria freaked out when Ezra told her Jillian was coming to town to meet with them, while he doubted the quality of his writing about Nicole. Reading his draft, Aria discovered they had a fight before her untimely death, and they agreed they would simply “tell the best story.” At their meeting later with Jillan, she urged them to complete their first draft. After, Jillian told Aria that Liam was no longer overseeing the project, as it seemed he wanted some “distance, and she revealed she knew they were a couple.

Around the same time, Emily called Aria and urged her to fill Ezra in, saying things were “changing.” So she went on to tell him Ali was in the hospital due to an “accident,” just like her “accident.” “It’s happening again, and we’re gonna do something about it,” Aria told him.

Towards the end of the episode, Ali awoke in the hospital with a vision of her dead mother, and was convinced she was dreaming because of the concussion. Mrs. DiLaurentiis told her everything would be alright and Elliott would “protect” her. Elliott later told her she was cleared to go home in the morning, and he was going to cancel his trip to be with her. She insisted he still go, convinced that everything would be okay.

On the streets of Rosewood, Sara confronted Mona, wanting to know why she was so interested in her associate. Mona told her to “leave them alone,” but Sara made clear she was still looking for revenge, even though Charlotte was dead. In the final minutes, Hanna and Caleb told Aria, Spencer, Emily and Ezra their final plan. The pair made clear they were moving forward with or without their approval, and though Spence was still obviously uncomfortable when Caleb touched Hanna’s shoulder, she said they would not have to do this all alone.

With that, Hanna did a voice text message: “Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte.” The show ended with A receiving it in his or her lair. Next week: The spring finale and the end of season 6.

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