“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “New Guys, New Lies”


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars continued to suspect Ezra might be guilty of Charlotte’s murder as the girls’ love lives made things more complicated. Here are the most important things to know about “New Guys, New Lies,” the 14th episode of season 6.

The episode began with Spencer awaking in bed naked with Caleb after apparently having sex following their kiss at the end of last week’s show. She had missed the text from the new Uber A, and all those that followed from Hanna, Aria, and Emily. Hanna decided to respond to the text, asking, “Do I know you?” The answer: “Yes.” All of them except for Aria still thought Ezra was responsible for Charlotte’s murder, and a new wrinkle was added when Uber A suggested a nine-iron golf club was the missing murder weapon.

Spencer felt awkward investigating Yvonne, the daughter of her mom’s state senate race opponent, in part because Yvonne and Caleb had their own friendship from before he left Rosewood. Things became more awkward when Caleb told Spence he planned to go see Toby. And then, as it turned out, Toby was actually now dating Yvonne. Despite his apparent happiness with her, he was still taken aback when Caleb confessed he and Spencer were getting together. And if all that wasn’t enough, Spencer learned during her research that Toby intended to propose to Yvonne, and received a menacing text from Uber A taunting her over it.

Hanna, unaware of the progression in Caleb and Spencer’s relationship, was happy fiancé Jordan was coming back to town, admitting to Emily she was ready to set a wedding date. But first she wanted to confess to him what was going on. Before that, however, she broke the news to Ashley that she erased the hotel security footage, and her mom informed her there was a backup at some place called the “farm,” which would lead police to both her and Aria.

Yet another threatening text from Uber A followed, leading Hanna and Spencer to vent to each other. Hanna found out that Spence and Caleb had, um, started things, and sniped, “That was fast.” Spencer promised it would be the first and last time, but Hanna said she was just angry about everything else. With Hanna’s go-ahead, Spence shared with Caleb that they were now receiving mysterious texts again, in hopes that his tech savvy would help them get to the bottom of it. After, Spencer had to exchange fake pleasantries with Toby and Yvonne. She asked him point-blank if he was proposing, but there wasn’t time for him to answer.

Later, Spence and Toby had a tense conversation talking around their relationship history, rather than actually addressing lingering feelings. That was followed by Caleb calling Spencer out for deleting Uber A’s text about Toby and trying to hide it from him. Spence explained she just wanted to keep things “easy” between them, and Caleb seemed to appreciate that.

Meanwhile, Jordan comforted Hanna as she cried, assuring her he still wanted “to spend the rest of my life with you,” despite the potential surveillance problem. They later met with a lawyer his family hooked them up with, and the attorney was confident she could get Hanna of this mess… if Hanna clued them into everything. But of course she kept the Uber A texts a secret. They went to the police station for a new round of questioning, only for Lorenzo to say she was free to go, for now, as the backup security drive was missing. Hanna insisted to Jordan that she had nothing to do with that. Little did she know, Ashley did.

Aria was concerned after finding out Ezra left town, and enlisted Emily to distract Sabrina at The Brew so Aria could sneak into her ex’s apartment and snoop around. Looking at his golf clubs, she was relieved to find his nine-iron was still there. Listening to his answering machine messages, though, Aria was stunned to hear one from his dad, saying he and Ezra had to talk about what he “thought” he “saw that night.” When Aria tried to talk him, Byron brushed her off, and was then seen telling someone, “I think she knows.” Aria then had a flashback to overhearing Byron and Ella fighting over whether Charlotte deserved forgiveness and a second chance, given everything she went through as a child but despite everything she put the Liars through. Byron was adamant that Charlotte would only walk around Rosewood again “over my dead body.”

Caleb was able to trace the texts to a storage locker, where he and Spencer found a trash can. Inside: black clothing and a phone with a new message from Uber A about not “lurking in the shadows.” “It’s happening again. Isn’t it?” she said to Calab. The answer: Yes.

At a town hall held at Radley with Spencer and Yvonne in front of young voters, everyone looked on. But the Liars were really there to snoop around the hotel to see if Ezra was secretly staying there with Byron, who had been seen there earlier. Aria was particularly panicked after discovering her dad didn’t have a nine-iron in his own golf club set. But there was no evidence of either one at the hotel now, and Sara, another potential suspect, was holed up in her room with a “Do Not Distburb” sign.

Spencer complimented Toby about Yvonne, and he seemed relieved that Spence planned on going back to D.C. after the election. As she rejoined her friends, they realized that the carpet in the photo Uber A sent of the golf club matched that of the hotel rooms, putting the suspicion back on Sara. They were interrupted when Aria’s dad called, saying he needed to talk to her… alone. The episode ended with a supposed bell hop getting into a black car and taking off an old man’s mask. But who was wearing it?

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