“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Where Somebody Waits For Me”


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars faced new threats from Uber A and had to deal with surprising new secrets. Here are the most important things to know about “Where Somebody Waits For Me,” the 16th episode of season 6.

The show began with Hanna and Jordan in bed at a motel, and then quickly picked up with where last week left off: Spencer climbed down the ladder outside of Sara’s hotel room, and found Aria in a secret old basement of the Radley sanatorium. Pushing away a cabinet revealed a secret exit to the outside, suggesting that was how Sara was coming and going without appearing on the hotel security footage.

To Emily, that was proof that her hallucination in the hospital was real, and that Sara really was there. She went to the clinic to find out about the security of her eggs, only to learn that a freezer “malfunction” caused her donation, and others in the same unit, to be completely ruined. She and Spencer later confessed to Ali that they were getting texts again, explaining that this new Uber A believed they knew who killed Charlotte and wanted revenge.

Detective Tanner updated Ali and Elliott on Charlotte’s murder investigation, revealing she was struck with something before her death, and that the night of the killing, an incoming call came to the DiLaurentis house from a restaurant and lasted for three minutes. Tanner also claimed the murder weapon was something long and hollow with a rectangular edge, seemingly ruling out a golf club. The detective later approached Emily in The Brew, pointedly telling her that Charlotte’s murder was the first homicide in Rosewood in five years, and coincided with the girls’ return to town. Now she wouldn’t be letting the leave.

When Hanna found alarming texts from the Liars questioning why she was MIA, she told Jordan they had to go back to Rosewood as soon as possible. Before they left, an unexpected breakfast delivery came with a message saying, “The Honeymoon Is Over” and “Poor Jordie.” As Jordan once again tried to comfort Hanna over everything that’s been going on, she was short-tempered. She later reached out to Caleb, and confessed that she felt their taunting of Uber A (with the video on the hard drive and the virus) is what led the mystery person to destroy Emily’s eggs. Unlike Jordan, he was able to find the words to make her feel somewhat better. A flashback then showed Hanna and Caleb outside a club years ago, with him clearly uncomfortable with her new New York lifestyle and their relationship strained.

On the data on Yvonne’s home, Caleb discovered the opposition had Mrs. Hastings’ medical records, which revealed she had battled breast cancer just months ago. Spencer was stunned, as her mom had kept it a secret from even her. She later asked Mona straight-out if she had Yvonne purposefully leave her phone behind, all to clue her into the rival campaign’s plans to leak the medical info. Mona confirmed the theory, wanting to aid the Hastings, but had no idea Spence didn’t know her mom was sick. Caleb was skeptical that Mona was being genuine, and rejected Spencer’s plea to illegally delete the file from the opposition’s server.

Instead, Caleb confronted Mona and warned her that he would “personally take you apart” if she was messing with Spencer. At the same time, Ali was confessing to Spence that she and Elliott were in love, but had kept it secret since he was Charlotte’s doctor. Spencer subtly reminded her that life is too short not to embrace such things, and was about to take her own advice, until her mom received some poor poll numbers. Mrs. Hastings said she regretted not running for office years ago, and Spencer assured her mother she would win now. Thanks to Spencer, Ali later told Elliott that she wanted to go public with their relationship, and he reluctantly agreed.

Meanwhile, Liam surprised Aria in Rosewood, but the visit was partially driven by work, as he wanted to read more pages of Ezra’s unfinished book. Aria was thrilled when Liam thought the new material were “beautiful”… and then he called her out on writing big portions of it herself. He was perplexed as to why she was more concerned about Ezra getting into trouble than herself, but encouraged her to finish the chapter.

In the episode’s last few minutes, Aria and Hanna snuck back into the Radley basement… only to find Emily there. Like them, she was hoping to find her missing eggs, but came up empty-handed. At the barn, Spencer found comfort in Caleb, and Aria later was writing at The Brew, only for Ezra to finally return. He assured Aria that he did not kill for her, and that the secret he was keeping was about her parents’ reunion. He apologized for previously flipping out on her, and then revealed he had been in Albany working on new chapters of his book.

The show ended with Spencer checking Melissa’s luggage… and discovering that a missing part matched the murder weapon Tanner had described. In the final scene, Uber A cleaned the electric shock torture devices that were still in the Radley basement.

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