Shelbie Z “American Idol” Audition Video: Former “The Voice” Contestant Nails Carrie Underwood Cover


Shelbie Z, a former contestant on “The Voice,” on Wednesday’s season 15 premiere of “American Idol.” Check out the video below!

Shelbie made no mention of her music competition past when the judges asked for her story. Instead, the aspiring star, who tried out in Denver, made small talk about her career as a hairdresser. The Alabama native then sang “American Idol” winner Carrie Underwood’s song “Last Name” for her audition.

Shelbie nailed the country tune, and Jennifer Lopez declared afterward, “I like you Shelbie.” The superstar went on, “I think you have a lot of character. You have a lot of fight for you. You’re going to adapt.”

Harry Connick, Jr. then shocked the contestant when he told her, “I gotta tell you, I don’t like you.” After she understandably seemed dejected, he clarified, “I love you. I think you’re terrific.” Connick even added, “People like you are very dangerous in this competition… I can tell this about you in this short amount of time. You’re one of the people that’s going to be out there to win.”

With all that praise, Keith Urban just added his “yes” to the mix. And now Shelbie is off to Hollywood… again! Hopefully she’ll have more success with “American Idol” than on “The Voice,” where she was a Team Blake artist and eliminated during the season 5 live playoffs in 2013. Watch the “Idol” audition below!

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