‘SNL’ Presents ‘God Is A Boob Man’ Mock Movie Trailer – WATCH VIDEO


Saturday Night Live” parodied the Christian faith God’s Not Dead films, as well as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that’s been enacted in states like Indiana, in a mock movie trailer, God Is A Boob Man. Check out the video below of the “SNL” film spoof.

The fake film ad begins with Beth Walsh, a small town baker, who’s asked to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. The trailer’s voiceover notes, “Her faith was tested” when the two men essentially asked her to “spit in the face of God.” And when she tells the couple, “I can’t do it,” one of the grooms-to-be warns the Christian baker, “You’ll be hearing from our Jewish lawyer.” Next, we see Walsh in a conference room with the two men and their lawyer, Shmuel from the ACLU, who tells her his client just wants her to say three simple words, “God is gay.” “God is as straight as they come,” replies an indignant Walsh.

After that, we see the Christian baker in court. As she can be heard saying in voiceover, “Gays are trying to force their agenda. They’re even teaching it in school,” we see a teacher in front of a blackboard that reads, “Things God loves: Gaga, Brunch, Drama.” Walsh even shows in court a photo of God with a crossed-out equal sign next to a picture of Sean Hayes. At one point, the judge admonishes her, “You know God is gay, just admit it.”

Walsh later meets with a state’s governor and explains, “I want to deny basic goods and services to gay people,” which intrigues the politician. That’s followed by the baker back in court and instructed by the judge, “Last chance, Miss Walsh, let’s hear it.” The Christian baker gets up, stands before the court, and slowly declares, “God is a boob man!” to the cheers of the courtroom.

Check out the video below of the “SNL” parody Christian faith film God Is A Boob Man.

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