Stephany Negrete “American Idol” Audition Video: Can Powerhouse Vocalist Win Over Jennifer Lopez? — WATCH HERE!


Stephany Negrete showed off her powerhouse vocals on Thursday’s “American Idol,” the very last audition episode of the “farewell season.” Watch below!

The judges were in awe as soon as Negrete stepped into the room, blown away by her looks and sparkly outfit that had her already seeming like a star. The 21-year-old San Diego student bantered with the panel about her Mexican background, and though everything about her seemed thoroughly modern, she went old-school for her audition song. As she belted out the Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You,” the judges were once again in awe.

Interestingly, though, Jennifer Lopez called Negrete out for seemingly thinking about each and every note as she sang instead of about the meaningful words she was saying. Harry Connick, Jr. then told the aspiring singer, “I’ll tell you the good and the bad: You’re among an incredibly talented group of singers. The good is that you’re right in there with them.”

“And I would only hope that if you get voted through, you would be really confident in exactly who we just saw,” he continued. Keith Urban said to Negrete, “I like you as a sum, as in the sense I like you, I like your vibe, I like your energy. You’ve got a good voice. While you were singing, I could see you singing other songs.”

With that praise from her fellow judges, Lopez said she felt Negrete “had more in there.” She reluctantly gave a yes, while Connick and Urban didn’t seem to think twice. Check out the video below!

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