T.J. Miller Critics’ Choice Awards Opening Video 2016: Watch Monologue Here!


T.J. Miller opened the 2016 Critics Choice Awards on Sunday with a hilarious monologue that involved puppets, as well as some insightful commentary about the entertainment industry. Watch the video below!

The broadcast started with a pre-taped sketch showing Miller backstage as he and his cohorts panicked over how best to begin the ceremony. He risked his life in order to show a montage of the best films and television programs from the past year, and then William Shatner, as the ceremony’s announcer, introduced Miller to the stage with “four dancing critics.” The critics, though, were just puppets that Miller moved with a large contraption (see photo).

Still using the puppets throughout his monologue, Miller gave shout-outs to all the film and TV people, noting this is the first time honors for both mediums are being handed out at the same event. He then promised, in a nod to last Sunday’s Golden Globes, “I’m not going to Ricky Gevais-ize this thing. I mean, how abrasive do you have to be to make everyone in this room feel bad for Mel Gibson?” Next, Miller poked fun at the concept of “Netflix and Chill,” saying he’d rather “HBO Go down on someone.”

More seriously, Miller then talked about criticism and what it takes to make good art. The key, he said, is taking risks. “I’ve certainly taken some risks in the last two and a half minutes,” quipped the actor-comedian. And he went on, “Even if you lose tonight, you’re in here. You already did it. You made it to Hollywood>”

In a statement released by A&E prior to his hosting duties, Miller said, “Hosting a three-hour live television event is a very tough job, but it’s a great job and it’s really cool to be at the center of something.” The star is best known for his role on the HBO show “Silicon Valley,” which took home the award for Best Comedy Series at the 2015 Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Miller also received the award for Best Supporting Actor at last year’s ceremony.

Check out full video, as well as highlight clips, of the opening below!

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