“Zootopia” Wins Weekend Box Office, Breaks Disney Record


It’s a zoo at the movies this weekend, thanks to the record-breaking Zootopia. The new animated film about a metropolis made up solely of animal creatures has broken the record for the biggest debut of an original Disney cartoon. With a total haul of $73.7 million, Zootopia had the largest opening outside of the company’s Pixar films, even beating Frozen. That amount was more than enough to take the number one spot at the box office this weekend.

Gerard Butler’s Olympus Has Fallen sequel, London Has Fallen, came in a very distant second. The action-thriller took in $21.7 million. Three-time chart-topper Deadpool dropped down to third, with ticket sales of $16.4 million, which was enough to have it surpass the $300 million-mark in just four weeks’ time.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, starring Tina Fey, secured fourth place with $7.6 million, while another Butler flick, Gods Of Egypt, continued to be a box office bomb, and came in fifth place with just $5 million. Ticket sales of $3.9 million was enough to put Risen in the number six spot. Meanwhile, Kung Fu Panda 3 nabbed seventh place with $3.5 million. The Revenant, for which Leonardo DiCaprio just won the Best Actor Oscar, came in eighth place with $3.3 million, as Eddie The Eagle earned ninth and $3.1 million. Just making it into the Top 10 was The Witch with $2.4 million.

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